Saturday, January 13, 2024

Secret Santicorn 2023: 6 Unusual Spells

Locheil asks for: A table of unusual spells - and no damage spells!

CW: some violent and nasty entries below! Proceed with caution.

1. The Cloth's Confusing Caprice

Toss onto the floor a fellow's handkerchief, bearing their gold-embroided-sigil. Their physical presence and visibility are requisites for this enchantment.

Upon repossession of the cloth, for as long as the fabric is in your pocket, the masses will confuse you with its true owner. This effect does not alter any physical appearance, only external perception.

2. Diabolic Foulish Renown

Inflict severe wounds or death upon three individuals, by your hand or your command.

Hurl the blades responsible for the deed into a well, alongside with three slaughtered chicken.

Henceforth, rumors and whispers of your ruthless malevolence shall echo across the land. Your name becomes synonym with dread and fear. Invitations will start pouring in, from coronations to galas, merchant halls, and any realm you deem worthy.

The effect persists for three weeks.

3. Defilement of the Cosmos

This spell demands an enclosed room. Does not work otherwise; the Sun and the Moon do not approve of your wretched intentions and scorn at your nefarious acts.

All entities and elements within the confines of the room traverse time by up to 11 hours and 59 minutes. The Caster must Save or be transported by exactly 11 days and 59 hours instead. If a one appears on the Save die, the Caster suffers aging by 11 years.

In this temporal flux, wounds will heal or kill. Food spoils or reverts to its raw materials. Plants shrink or burgeon.

Mainly, any consciousness hurtles forward or retreats.

4. Ghoulish Vengeance

Hang the deceased person from a tree for three days.

Insert a piece of jewelry worth at least 5000 gold pieces into their lifeless mouth, consumed by the spell.

Bestow one final kiss upon the corpse, gifting them your breath.

After the elapsed time they shall return to life, adorned with a flower-shaped scar at the place of your kissing. This much is known.

Should they fail to avenge their demise within three weeks, the scar will multiply like a ravenous pustule, transforming them into a devil of equivalent Level. This curse is irreversible and admits no reprieve.

5. Ancestral Family Shame

Kinship with the target of this spell is mandatory. Be it by Blood or by Law. Present either a pound of the former - yours or theirs - or a tome of the latter, this implement is consumed.

The victim gets to Save trying to resist this vile effect. If they fail, they succumb to imprisonment into a pocket dimension for a randomly determined time span. Never exceeding a week.

Fear not! During their internment, an Angel attends to their every need. Their cell is sumptuous: fine dining, wine and spirits, an opulent repose.

Upon completion of the sentence, they return to the location where the spell was cast.

6. The Canto

Upon repeated singing and reciting of ancient psalms, for no less than ten consecutive minutes, the Caster has a beguiling effect on a number of targets equal to their Winters divided by ten.

The subjects are charmed and will see the singer as an idol to be shielded and obeyed.

After a day, the charm effects wane, and the subjects must Save. Failure brings a sense of dread and betrayal to poison their hearts, wishing the worst and even instigating violence towards the Caster. 


  1. Those are some freaking SPELLS.

    I suppose it would be nitpicky of me to point out that 11 days and 59 hours is the same as 13 days and 11 hours?

    1. Yes indeed, you are absolutely right. Just felt like a more natural numbering when paired with the normal spell effect.