Thursday, March 5, 2020

OSR: d66 Random Inn NPCs

Here come some faces you could find in an inn or tavern. Geared towards The Owl's Nest.
  • Descriptions are minimal. They don't have stats because there shouldn't be a need for them.
  • Roll d46 for less gonzo entries. d66 gets you the good stuff.
  • The number rolled is the number of patrons currently at the inn. So 31 = 31 people.
  • The sum of the pips is the number of different groups. So 31 = 3+1 = 4 groups.

Roll d66

11 - Bartolome (Human) / Skilled Alchemist
  • Appearance: Gifted, grizzled, suspicious. Leathers with burnt gloves.
  • Description: Is convinced to be a time traveler from the future.
  • Wants? To return to the past, where they belong.
12 - Steam (Jotun) / Religious Astrologer
  • Appearance: Impeccable clothes. Well-traveled, survivalist, religious.
  • Description: Retired high level Cleric (9th). Lost faith after an encounter with a God years ago.
    Now scouts the sky for answers and patterns.
  • Wants? Has rumor of a magical abacus and various star charts in the area.
    Would pay great sums for them. And maybe even perform a miracle, for old time's sake.
13 - Zorione (Human) / Potter
  • Appearance: Pompous, chatty, erudite.
  • Description: Selling handcrafted chess sets (overpriced at 100gp).
    Will play a game of chess, and provide a rumor in passing during the exchange.
  • Wants? A meeting with the inn's manager to sell them the chess sets in bulk.
14 - Gerbasi Potter (Halfling) / Goat Shepherd
  • Appearance: Young, jovial, anxious. Wears baggy clothes.
  • Description: Came here after his father died, overwhelmed, to get a break.
  • Wants? Proof that his father's stories about the dryads were true.
15 - Olov (Dwarf) / Mural Painter
  • Appearance: Old, very old. Cracks his twisted knuckles repeatedly.
  • Description: Used to be a goatherd. Then turned to banditry. To helping treasure hunters.
    New job, new life. Will argue about what colors are in fashion at any chance.
  • Wants? To buy a herd of goats, and return to the countryside. But he fears his wife's wrath.
16 - Poza Ironheart (Halfling) / Dyer
  • Appearance: Short coal hair. Young and motherly.
  • Description: Likes to pinch everyone's cheeks.
    Will argue about what colors are in fashion at any chance.
  • Wants? A dog. Or a cat.

21 - Ulrik (Dwarf) / Miller

  • Appearance: Oily braided hair. Reddish nose, smells of cabbage.
  • Description: Nervously waiting for his lover.
  • Wants? His wife not finding out!
22 - Andos (Human) / Cobbler
  • Appearance: Looks like a beggar. Walks barefoot, because "I'm not worth my own craft".
  • Description: Surprisingly multilingual and cultured.
  • Wants?  The perfect pair of boots.
23 - Flint (Jotun) / Rope Maker
  • Appearance: Massive antlers on his forehead. Smiley and congenial.
  • Description: Carries numerous rope samples of his ropes. The sturdiest and best crafted you've ever seen.
  • Wants? A sucker for statues, Flint will buy any fine piece of art.
24 - Latxa Jamjar (Halfling) / Tailor
  • Appearance: Strands of grey hair. Clever, alert, reserved.
  • Description: Carries a set of tools to do the trade, including sharp scissors. Former spy, wanted by the authorities.
  • Wants? A new identity. Or passage to a place VERY far away.
25 - Eleanor (Human) / Hand Model
  • Appearance: Middle-aged lady. Seems to float everywhere she walks. All grace.
  • Description: Nicest hands, she just bows in greetings, never shaking hands. Level 1 Magic User.
  • Wants? An expensive ring. "All this work, and I get to keep none of the merchandise."
26 - Henrietta (Human) / Bankrupt Spice Merchant
  • Appearance: From an exotic foreign land. Big and bossy. Hands-on-hips.
  • Description: 3rd level Fighter. Commands around, and expects to be obeyed.
  • Wants? Gullible investors in her (secretly bankrupt) business.

31 - Rojina (Faun) / Disenchanted Cook

  • Appearance: Paper thin.
  • Description: Annoyingly outspoken. Knows every flavor and scent, and where it originates from.
  • Wants? A job at the kitchens of The Owl's Nest.
32 - Harnof (Dwarf) / Weaponsmith
  • Appearance: Thick strong arms.
  • Description: Got fired from his cousin's forge after a mishap, where he set half of it on fire.
    Burning his last savings at the Inn.
  • Wants? Desperately looking for a job. Any kind will do.
33 - Gilen Nimblefeet (Halfling) /Basket-maker
  • Appearance: Old lady, calloused worked fingers. Stoic.
  • Description: Loves milk and pork pie.
  • Wants? To kidnap the Owl Nest's cook, and taken them to her town. The pies are too dam fine.
34 - Drago Buttercheeks (Halfling) / Barber
  • Appearance: PERFECT muttonchops.
  • Description: No-nonsense, all work. Has 13 children.
  • Wants? The best night of his life.
35 - Olga (Dwarf) / Accredited Food-taster
  • Appearance: Braided ginger beard.
  • Description: Nods or shakes after a tasting. Stole the proper documentation to be here (eating and drinking for free).
  • Wants? A discrete assassination to the rightful owner of her accreditation. Olga fears her farce discovered.
36 - Enara (Human) /Crop Farmer
  • Appearance: She's ripped. Skin tanned like leather.
  • Description: Jovial, spending hard earned coin in a place she can't really afford.
  • Wants? There's a Jelly Troll that settled on the river feeding her fields. She needs someone to drive it away.

41 - Yadav (Faun) / Leatherworker
  • Appearance: Tiny straight horns, milk skin, red robes and a dope belt.
  • Description: Speaks in one syllable words.
  • Wants? A huge carcass in mint condition. They have a gargantuan order from the local Baron to fulfill.
42 - Giadia (Human) / Corrupt Tax-collector
  • Appearance: Sophisticated nihilist. Accompanied by d6 guards at all times.
  • Description: Addicted to opioids. Confuses the PCs for another renowned adventuring party.
    Has been overcharging the "Unnamed Inn" for months.
  • Wants? Easy money. Her appetite for it is insatiable.
43 - Julia (Human) / Map-maker
  • Appearance: Large unattended mane. Fingers always covered in different inks. Glasses as thick as windows.
  • Description: Loves traveling. 2-in-6 chance of having a particular overland map for sale, no matter how obscure.
  • Wants? A new pair of eyes. Hers are failing, and she loves map-making.
44 - Miles (Human) / Rat Exterminator
  • Appearance: Muscular, mustached, brawny.
  • Description: Cusses a lot. Drinks even more.
  • Wants? A cure for their dog's arthritis. "Otherwise, who'll catch the damn rodents?"
45 - Sabiniano (Human) / Fortuneteller
  • Appearance: Man in his early twenties, finely dressed. Lovely, sweet, and angelic voice.
  • Description: Reads palms and throws the cards for a reasonable fee or meal.
  • Wants? A last word with their deceased lover.
46 - Jatsu (Human) / Drunkard
  • Appearance: Haggard, mute.
  • Description: Claps and drums on the table at every chance. Begs for drinks.
  • Wants? To stop drinking. In. This. Place.

51 - Abby (Spiderling) / Silk Trader
  • Appearance: Smokes cigars. Bad temper. 4 extremely dexterous arms.
  • Description: Treats lackeys and underlings as garbage, clients and investors as Gods.
  • Wants? Bizarre books, and to protect their eggs.
52 - Nicoletta (Spiderling) / Clockmaker
  • Appearance: Always smiles. Hairy. Missing three out of four arms, replaced by loud but accurate servos.
  • Description: Presses the characters on the benefits of having limbs replaced by mechanical counterparts. Even if they're working perfectly.
  • Wants? Delicate music and poetry. Long-lasting honest friendships.
53 - Friq (Goblin) /Squid Fisher
  • Appearance: Wiry. Smells of fish. Uses a harpoon as a staff.
  • Description: Grumpy, seems lost. Likes to search his nose and inspect the findings.
  • Wants? To have an automaton, beast, or similar servant.
54 - Peax (Goblin) / Glassblower Apprentice
  • Appearance: Malicious. Has three eyes (one of them concealed), and is missing an ear.
  • Description: Picks pockets and places the contents on somebody else. Wreaks havoc. Will set the latrines on fire and laugh at it.
  • Wants? To get people high as a kite. To delight in absolute chaos and entropy.
55 - Callous (Molekin) / Dung Farmer
  • Appearance: Greyed whiskers. Stutters. Smelly shovel used for work.
  • Description: Accepts ANY paying job, and is efficient at it.
  • Wants? A new set of teeth (preferably golden).
56 - Dartre (Molekin) /High-stakes Gambler
  • Appearance: Diminutive, gangly, despicable. Accompanied by d4 enforcers at all times.
  • Description: Blood as cold as ice when it comes to deals. Dozens of ongoing bets. Somehow always comes up top.
  • Wants? -Gambles will be quests in disguise "Bet you 5000gp you can't kill the giant past the mountain".
    -A gamble worth enough to chip their own soul into the bargain. Did it once before, and won.

61 - Mold (Molekin) /Lead Servant on Leave
  • Appearance: Emotionless, delicate. Monocle and expensive discrete clothes.
  • Description: Bows deeply after completing every single sentence. Won't drink or partake, but takes copious notes on a journal.
  • Wants? To travel, and see the World! But he's a chronic workaholic.
62 - Ataahua (Lizardfolk) / Desperate Diplomat
  • Appearance: Scales the color of mucus. Broken accent, jumpy.
  • Description: Polite, but fails understanding even the most common courtesy norms.
  • Wants? An army to defend the upcoming invasion of their lands.
63 - Armis 3A (Clockwork) / Locksmith
  • Appearance: Dented tin body, form of a ferret. Whiskers in the form of files and lockpicks.
  • Wants? A new body, made of silver. The transfer is painful and very complex.
64 - Servus K6BD (Clockwork) / Viticulture Scholar
  • Appearance: Taller than a Jotun. Bigger than an ox. Polished copper body (worth 300gp). Mute, but gestures a lot.
  • Description: Considers everyone to be a buddy. Will join any party. Programmed to bring joy and serve. In that order.
  • Wants? Kill someone. It's programming prevents it from doing so.
65 - Madame Anwen (Ghoul) / Grim Jester
  • Appearance: Greasy hair. Copious amounts of perfume. Wears a green scarf on her neck, where she was once hung.
  • Description: Only eats human flesh. And has a nihilistic view of existence.
  • Wants? To come back to life.
66 - Dewie (Talking Cat) / Grave Robber
  • Appearance: Grey fur. Missing right eye.
  • Description: Actually a devil: curse trapped this thrall of Darek of Blades into a feline body. Will avoid talking to any Clerics.
  • Wants? The bones of 66 Saints. Then, the curse can be lifted.