Tuesday, October 12, 2021

d10 Striking Headwear

1. Wooden bucket
Good for retaining liquids. Or pouring them.

2. Helmet with oversized-candle up-top
Good for illuminating the dark beyond, leaving your hands free. Need good balance, and a steady head.

3. Ramming rhino-horn
Good for charging at the unaware foe.

4. Porcelain Mask of the Lunar
Impossibly ornamental alien patterns translate into a flabbergasted reaction from anyone lying eyes on this piece of art.

5 Air-filtering Buffe
Rags around the mouth. Makes it hard to breath, which is exactly the point; dungeons are filled with excrement and maleficence. Plus, it keeps neck biters away.

6. Shielding Beret
Perl-dust coated beret. Keeps the head warm and the thoughts sharp. A famed enchantress put a spell on it. Said to shield the wearer from curses, illusions, and mind-altering effects.

7. Great Helm of the Silver Lioness Mercenary Company
Striking piece with intricate ornament, some motifs in silver. Every being in the continent has heard of the spoils of the Company. Inspires confidence in the ally, and fear and despair in the foe.

8. Turban of Sufrith the snake-charmer
When unrolled and laid on the ground, and pouring a droplet of one's blood, the turban animates. Encroached by a snake's spirit, it is anywhere from indifferent to helpful to the owner.

9. The Sun blockadder
Straw hat, impossibly wide. Wearing it is a balancing act. Blocks the sun, and restricts vision. Can double as a shield.

10. Dragonglass visor
Attached to a regular helmet. Precious and near indestructible material. Gives visions of nearby vital power to whoever looks through it as a lens.

Gamey Effects

#2: illuminates as torch. But running, attacking, or any other significant activity has a 4-in-6 chance of extinguishing the flame.

#3: get an extra attack (d6 damage) if charging against an enemy.

#4: +1 to reaction rolls.

#5: +1 to saves vs poison against anything breathable; +2 AC against vampires and their ilk.

#6: probably utterly useless. But it does keep the head warm.

#8: duration as the spell snake charm, summoning costs 1HP. Roll reaction when summoned. Probably a pit viper.

#10: after a round observing, learn the HD number of the target on display. 1-in-6 you also get the spell list of the target (if applicable).