Thursday, August 4, 2022

Striking Collectionism?

 What has actually seen the table

... vs what has (maybe) been read and sits on the shelf, but has never seen actual play.

(excluded above are home-printed materials and adventures that have seen the table)

Whenever the new shiny release or Kickstarter drops, I remind myself of the pictures above. And that as much as I take enjoyment from reading roleplaying materials for inspiration, a solid book, graphic novel or film will likely be much more appropriate. The materials above could last me several decades of gaming as it stands.


  1. Hey, reading RPG products is a perfectly valid use for them. It doesn't need to end up at the table for it to be worth the purchase.

    ... But also, yeah, 90+ % of my purchases are just PDFs for this very reason. My physical collection is relatively tiny, while my digital collection is enormous.

    1. It is a valid use, and it is also how a vast chunk of RPG materials are meant to be consumed, since inception (my opinion). It is just my personal stand at this point in time, I just don't take the same enjoyment as I once did from reading RPGs, and currently prefer other media to fuel my games and run with minimal tools/materials.

      The digital collection is another beast to crack, and that I should organize. But I'm on a similar boat as you... 90/10 or 80/20 !!!

  2. I don't see NOD in your table pile.

    1. I decided to exclude home-printed materials, and that includes what has seen the table from NOD (Ulflandia, issues #26 and #27).

      And frankly I'm quite happy with the result of putting it in a ring binder for the campaign. The Lulu copies I own (second picture, column to the right, around the center) are a bit stiff to open, and only b&w, so some detail is lost.

      Also, John Stater is a beast for his throughput rate, and a kind individual. I emailed him with some questions about NOD and he switfly answered them.