Saturday, March 19, 2022

OSR: The Cage of Death

A metallic symphony echoes through the boulder-peppered plains.

Tethered by a hundred feet of rusted chain to a boulder, floating in mid air, you see this cage covered in moonstone lichen. The size of a building, it holds the bones of a female hill giant, clutching with her last breath at a chest made of oak. The chest itself is embraced in a tangle of chains and locks.

Legend goes, Atiange, the Devil Titan, walked these plains with a hair-string belt. In her sleep, as she twisted and tossed, clumps of hair stuck into the soil. As she woke up, spitting with the morning phlegm, the rocks were formed.

The chest contains 4000 silver pieces of ancient coinage, and a basin covered in gold (worth 1000gp). There is also a mummified feline as big as a stallion. The ghost of Atiagne's pet cat will haunt anyone touching the giant's goblet without first burying the master's skull.


Atiagne's Ghost Cat
HD: 5
AC: as leather
Attacks: +[HD] to hit, 2 x Claw (d4 + 1), 1 x Bite (d10)
Movement: 150' (50')
Saves: as Fighter [HD]
Morale: 10
- Pursuit: always pursue prey that flees
- Terrifying visage: seeing the cat for the first time, succeed on a Save vs Spells or flee for 2d6 rounds.
- Incorporeal: can pass through solid objects. Can only be damaged by silvered or magical weapons, and magical effects.

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